Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The wonders of mystery plants

Anyone who's ever had a garden knows that sooner or later you end up with mystery,volunteer plants that come up just where ever they feel like,and leave you with a couple of choices.You can pull them up with the weeds,you could transplant them to another part of the garden,or you could just let them grow where they are.

I chose to let most of them grow right where they sprouted,since most of them were either growing up through the holes in the cinder blocks,or like the stray zucchini,growing in between the two fences,not in the way of anything.

So now we have several plants growing here and there,some,we know what they are,others surprised even let's take a look at what we have discovered so far.

This turned out to be Lemon Squash,and is growing healthy and strong,and is starting to produce for me.YEAH! WIN!

This one turned out to be zucchini,and has already given me 4,and as you can see,is still going strong.

We're thinking this may actually be a type of zucchini hybrid,time will tell I guess...I have since harvested this one,and it's sitting on my kitchen counter,waiting for me to figure out what it is.But the general opinion among my gardening friends is a type of zucchini,which it shouldn't be,since this was a store bought plant,and was labeled as "Hubbard"....

Lastly we have a new mystery to solve,while I suspect that this is a type of Gooseberry,I'll need to confirm it before I proceed any further,it's not in the garden,but is actually growing along the back edge of the property,under the shade of some trees.

So tell you have any mystery plants growing in your garden this year? Did you let them grow or pull them up?What have they turned out to be?


  1. Lucky you! I, unfortunately have no mystery plants...the heat and sun here roasted and baked the ground and every plant as well...sigh..

  2. Bummer!Maybe a fall garden would do better?