Saturday, July 9, 2011

The big reveal!

I've been watching these stray plants grow all spring,not knowing for sure what they were and not wanting to pull up what seems to be perfectly healthy plants.I hate pulling up volunteers unless I have to.

We have Zucchini,this plant is growing between the electric fence and the poultry fencing(rabbit barrier),and now has about 6 little zucchini on it,so I think it's safe to say we have another zucchini

The other appears to be Lemon Squash,actually I'm about 99.9% sure it's Lemon Squash at this point.The tiny yellow dot growing in here tells me it is.Lemon Squash,for those who've never seen it,is right up there in production with zucchini,giving tons of slightly roundish to lemon shaped summer squash.They are quite tasty,and being small in size,one is just about right for one meal,depending on what recipe you're using that day.

The photo of the big cluster of plants is the Lemon Squash,which started out this spring growing up through the holes in the cinder blocks we used to build the sides of the raised beds.


  1. I have never tried lemon squash. I usually just (try) to grow straight neck yellow, cause I KNOW I like it fried up. Zucchini, is great in bread but not having an oven (yet) I cannot make my own so I didn't grow any. Is the lemon squash a frying squash? a soup squash? or a bake? or what?

  2. Hi Kellie,

    You can use Lemon Squash just like you would the old yellow standard types,the taste is very similar.The plants tend to be more productive than the Yellow Crookneck or straight neck types.
    Often continuing to produce well past the times other types have stopped growing.

    I got my seeds from Baker Creek,I have not seem them available anywhere else yet,but maybe Seed Savers Exchange would have them as well.