Sunday, July 3, 2011

How could anyone hate a garden?

I've just finished reading about a woman in Oak Park Michigan who has locked horns in battle with the city over her vegetable garden.Of all the things a city could site a property owner for,they've chosen her garden...

While I haven't been to Oak Park in quite a long time,I would say that the city officials could find other properties to complain about.I'm sure it has it's fair share of run down or abandoned properties,yards with trash in them,things like that,that to me it seems would take priority over someone who chooses to plant vegetables rather than flowers.

Follow the link here,and show this woman some support,maybe even write/email the city and tell them how stupid it is to go after someone who's simply choosing to grow some of her own food on her own property.In a type of silent protest,maybe all those neighbors who said they support her could plant at least one tomato plant in their own front yards as a show of support?

In the big picture it's regulations like those in Oak Park that discourage people from making any attempts at all the be more self reliant,and know where their food is coming from.

I drove around my neighborhood yesterday evening,and honestly,there are only a few households that have a veggie garden,sure most have flowers,or other landscaping,but no food plants.

SO we took a drive out to the area countryside,thinking surely people who live further out from town will be growing some of their own food....the answer,few and far between did we see a garden of any kind.

As a society in general,we have become so detached from our own food that it's kind of scary.We have children,and some uneducated adults who don't know where meat comes from,they really don't understand that when they have steak or hamburger,that they are eating part of what was a living animal.

Children don't understand that milk comes from an animal,and apples grow on trees.

It's this line of thinking that has allowed companies like Monsanto to take over agriculture,do some reading on your own,watch Food,Inc,it'll open your eyes a bit.

We've come to a point in our society,especially here in America,where we're so dependent on others to supply our food for us,that we don't care where it comes from as long as we can buy it at the grocery store.

The average grocery store only has enough stock for three days,and a larger portion of households don't even have three days worth of food in the pantry,we've set ourselves up for disaster,really.

Ok,I'm rambling now,I'll stop for now,more on this topic later as it's one that I hold close to my heart,but for now,go to this woman's website,and show her some support.If you live in her neighborhood,go ahead,plant a veggie in your front yard too.If enough people were to do that in support of what she's doing,maybe the city will see how stupid this fight is and leave her and her garden alone.

Here's the link again in case you missed it at the top of this post.

Ok,I see the links are not working for some reason,but you can still copy and paste it to your search engine to bring it up,sorry.

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