Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well,the first part of our rabbit project is home and in his cage.
We're going to let him settle down for the rest of the day before we bug him anymore,he's had a rough day,being separated from his litter mates,put in a cat carrier and driven in a car for nearly an hour....

We decided on getting a New Zealand,as they are a very good meat breed of rabbit,and hopefully will pass on those big muscles to his offspring.

I'm not sure exactly when we'll add a female rabbit to the plan,but sometime later this summer,with a first litter planned for next spring.

For now this one's primary job is going to be to produce manure,which will go into the compost pile,and then into the garden least until the gardens are done for the season,then we'll decide which garden bed will remain empty next year,and that will be where we either place the hutch,moving it as needed,or where we dump the contents of the catch tray and let it sit for a year to help build up the soil.

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