Thursday, July 14, 2011


Ok,I am not a big fan of broccoli,but my husband loves the stuff,so we have it growing in the garden this year.

I only put in four plants,and so far have gotten enough for two meals(what was left after hubby snacking on it raw)put in the freezer.

Freezing vegetables is the fastest way to preserve your garden's harvest for later use.Although I also can and dehydrate a lot of foods,for certain vegetables,canning and dehydrating just do not work out well.

Dehydrated broccoli turns out leathery and bitter once re-hydrated.I would imagine something delicate like this would turn to complete mush if you tried to can it,so in the freezer in went.

I had also read somewhere in my gardening books that if you leave the broccoli plants in the garden after you harvest the first big crown,that it will sprout more smaller ones next to where you cut the first ones,so I am trying that out.
As you can see from the photos,that there are a few smaller crowns growing around where the first main crown was harvested.I'm going to take these off and just leave the plants to see what happens.


  1. I ADORE broccoli! Broccoli soup, souffle, broccoli with rice, any way I can fix it, I LOVE it!!! I plan on planting a huge amount this fall in my garden. I have a vacuum sealer, so I'll be freezing oodles of it.

  2. Enjoy! I know it's good for you,and full of vitamins and minerals,but it's just not a vegetable I developed a taste

    Although the garden fresh ones do taste a bit better than the store bought ones,it's still not something I can sink my teeth into. :)

  3. Came back to add that tonight I harvested nearly the same amount of broccoli in smaller crowns as I did harvesting the first four larger ones..enough for a couple more meals anyway.