Tuesday, August 9, 2011

who says gardening organically means a smaller harvest?

There's an old saying among conventional gardeners that gardening organically means a smaller harvest and a constant battle against bugs and weeds....

Well as you might be able to tell from the photos here,there is NOTHING small about this harvest!

We went out this evening after a storm rumbled through while we were gone today to check out the damage,and as we stood the tomato plants back up and staked as many of them as we could,we harvested what was ready,bringing in over 20lbs of ripe tomatoes a combination of regular sized canners,cherries,yellow pear,black prince,this WHOPPER of a Pineapple tomato(although there is a slight chance it could be a Mortgage Lifter tomato,I'm not sure),and a few green ones that got knocked off the vines during the storm.

I have used absolutely NO CHEMICALS in growing my gardens....none...I don't believe they have a place here,my gardens have been fertilized with leaf compost and rabbit manure/grass clippings,and nothing else....

The soil we used to build the raised beds was primarily leaf compost and top soil,and also contained no chemicals.

My gardening in the future will contain only organic matter either produced here on the property or brought in from areas that I know are 100% chemical free.

While conventional gardeners continue to battle weeds and bugs with more and stronger chemicals,draining the soil of much needed nutrients,I will continue to build upon the base we have here by adding only 100% organic compost and materials to my garden beds.the proof is in the pictures,who needs chemicals?

I don't,and neither do you...if you don't already practice organic gardening methods,I highly suggest you look into it,your garden will thank you,so will your family and friends that you share your excess with,and so will the planet.healthy plants can not grow in soils that have been drained of it's nutrients,and treated with one chemical after another,while using them might produce a crop,the flavor and quality will pale in comparison to that which is produced naturally,chemical free.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful tomato pic! I am sure the flavor is WAY better than those washed out veggies at the grocers, too!

  2. The flavor was out of this world!!

    We sliced it and had it as the side dish with dinner tonight. :-)

    Made and canned pizza sauce today after I got home from work,will probably work that into my next post.