Sunday, August 28, 2011

My how they grow fast.

Ok,I can't seem to sleep,so I might at well do something somewhat useful and give you guys a real update on here.It's 4:30 a.m. and I been awake for half an hour with acid reflux,so rather than sitting on the couch miserably waiting for my insides to settle,I'm going to update you on the rabbit project.

Our buck has grown HUGE since we got him in the beginning of July,and at nearly 10 lbs,he's ready to start earning his keep,but we still need to get a doe the proper age/size as the two little ones we brought home the other day will not be old enough/big enough to breed until next spring if they do grow big enough at all.

We're going on Tuesday to pick up the fourth and final(for now anyway) addition to our rabbitry,a purebred New Zealand doe that is about the same age as our buck,and is ready to be bred.

If we were organized enough,we could have the first litter in just a few weeks,well before it gets too cold out,but the old shed still needs to be redone,and a trip to Home Depot is a must.The doors need fixed/replaced and there is a hole in one of the walls.

I wanted to post a photo update for you so you can see where we are in this little project,but for some reason Blogger is not uploading my images today.


  1. Some times blogger gives me a problem with uploading pictures, too. I have had to try 3 or 4 times to get a pic to load. Dunno what the problem is.....?

  2. I don't either,but I tried posting the photos with every option I have available,and it just would not work....resorted to just posting a link to my photobucket album on my facebook page so some can at least see the new ones and see how big the buck is just since we got him in July.