Saturday, August 13, 2011

Personal Security.....a fully stocked pantry(part two)

Ok,we talked about how to build up your pantry inventory,now we need to talk about what to do with it.

Hoping that you didn't go out an buy 100 pounds of dry beans your family will never eat,let's talk about meal planning.

In order to cook during an emergency,you need either a camp stove or a grill with at least one side burner for boiling something in a pan.

I have one of these---->

A good camp stove is worth it's weight in gold.They are for the most part simple to use,don't really take up a ton of storage space,and you can get fuel for them at nearly any store(stock up at the end of summer when things go on clearance).I got this one on clearance at Cabelas several months ago,and it's awesome.While you may not need an oven,they do come in handy.

However you don't need anything nearly that fancy,a simple one burner type stove that screws onto the top of a fuel bottle will work too.

Now you have a fully stocked pantry,a means to cook the food,and some water stored.
Don't forget to also stock up on things like medications for your family,pet food for your pets,batteries for flash lights and radios,any other little things you might need to make life more comfortable until the emergency passes.

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