Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sharing the Bounty

It's commonly known that most gardeners plant way more than they need or can use....especially zucchini.

Something I strongly believe in is sharing the bounty.If you have more than you can use or put up for the winter,don't ever leave it to rot in the garden....share it!

I've so far shared zucchini with 6 people,and still have more coming on,my freezer contains enough frozen zucchini to make enough bread for 16 loaves,I have all I can use.So I've been sharing it,taking turns who I give it to,so that more people can enjoy it,and not one person gets a chance to get totally burned out on it.

I've taken summer squash,tomatoes,peppers and cucumbers to my parents,to work and given to friends.

Now the tomatoes are starting to come on full force,and soon I fear I may have to make night time deposits on porches to give the excess away.

I know how much salsa,ketchup,and tomato sauce I want to be able to make,so pretty much anything above and beyond that,the tomatoes will be shared.

I get as much enjoyment out of giving the extras away as I do growing the plants.
If you have non gardening neighbors,a gift of fresh produce will not only make their day,but could win them over if they have any lingering questions about your gardening methods.Fresh produce is also good bartering material,as for some,it's easier to work out trade deals than it is cash deals.

Can you trade zucchini for car repairs?Probably not,but you might be able to trade some for having holes dug,fence posts put in,pet sitting,things like that.

So I encourage you,if you have the space,plant some extra,if for nothing more than to share with friends and family.

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