Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's going on?

I really wish this weather would make up it's mind,one week it's 85,the next it's in the 30's again...makes it hard to plan what I'm going to get done on my days off work.

Well,anyway,things are hopping around here.I've got a friend working on building the new rabbitry,once it's done it will be INSIDE the privacy fence in the backyard.Hidden a little more from passers by,and safer from night time prowling critters(we've got a healthy population of fox,coyote,and raccoons along with weasels and stray dogs...).

It's not much to look at right now,but when it's done it will be sided white,with two windows along the side and a wider door on the back side(think large wheel barrow size opening)...


We bred this doe to the buck,but so far,nothing...today is 30 days from the breeding,so IF she is,she's due any minute...

I've also added a small 6x8 pop up greenhouse this year,and the plants are doing their thing,waiting for it to be warm enough day and night to set them out in the garden beds.

I will be taking on a few clients/customers this year for produce sales as well,so I'm working on setting up a small plan to keep everything organized.I've had people coming to me already asking if they can purchase produce from us this year.Very cool!

I've also got a waiting list for rabbits,should this doe every decide to kindle...

That's about it for now,nothing overly exciting.LOL...

I should have more updates,and more interesting things to talk about soon though.So hang in there,I haven't forgotten about you,or this blog.


  1. OK,I see the pictures are still not working,but you can copy/paste the link to your browser and view them that way.Sorry folks.

  2. The weather here has been crazy, too! Windstorms, sandstorms, temperature drops, temperature rising...ARGH!
    Every morning I wake up and try to plan my day around the weather. So frustrating this year!