Sunday, April 8, 2012

Triumph and Tragedy....

I know I posted about our first litter being born,and they are doing good,mama rabbit has made a good deep,fluffy nest for them,and seems to be a good mother,considering this is her first litter.

A while back I brought home two Silver Fox cross bucks(supposed to be bucks anyway)..

I never bothered putting them in separate cages since they were both supposed to be bucks...and seemed to get along ok...and they were siblings as well.

Well,I went out to feed and water yesterday morning to find an entire litter of dead kits in the cage with them...guess what,one of the "bucks" is not a buck....

There was nothing I could do for the kits,they were all already dead,killed by the buck.So we quickly disposed of them and put the doe in her own cage to rest and recover.

Chances are the litter would have died anyway,but it still saddens me to know that this might have been prevented had I taken the time to double check that both were indeed bucks..lesson learned,even pro rabbit breeders can give you wrong information from time to time..


  1. Oh No! On the bright you have another breeding pair...maybe silver lining in the cloud?

  2. Lamb,true,but I didn't need another doe,as I already have another Silver Fox doe reserved that I am picking up on the 21st of this

    Kellie,yeah,and I emailed the person I got them from and told her what happened,she did apologize,but there's not much else that can be done.