Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My husband just quit

Ok,a few years ago,through all the planning,talking,deciding what we wanted to do,we had agreed we wanted to be more self sufficient,more self reliant,and do more things for ourselves,including growing our own food and raising a few animals.

Here comes 2012...and there goes any and all help from my husband who no longer wants anything to do with gardening or animal raising.....or any type of work for that matter.

From simple requests like "Hey honey will you water the rabbits for me?"

Or asking him to get a fire going in the fire pit so we can burn off last year's plant and weed remains....he's done....he's quit....

So as of now,anything that must be done,either has to be taken care of by me alone,or I need to find someone who can do it for me.I can no longer count on the man I married to help me reach my dreams.

I'm already paying someone to build the new rabbitry,which will provide food and fertilizer.

I'm having one of those days where I wanna throw my hands up and walk away,start over somewhere new....BUT I am tougher than that,and if anyone leaves,it ain't gonna be me....

This is and always will be the lifestyle I want,and this year I've got people asking me if they can BUY produce from us this year...I've got the start of something really good here,and with or without his help,I will get it done.

I'm starting to see where I am actually helping people learn,helping people see that good,healthy food can be grown at home,and nearly ready to have onsite classes teaching people how to do this(next year for sure)...

It doesn't matter if it's through this blog,through my facebook page,or in person,my goals are to teach others to do what I am doing,to be more self reliant,and self sufficient,and depend less on the grocery store and commercially grown food...


  1. Well....damn. Did he give any reason? Is it a mid-life crisis sort of thing?
    I love working with my livestock and my Darlin' Man is very supportive in helping out after work and on weekends. We have this goal of self-sufficiency together...if he bailed on doing some of the work, I think I'd go nuts!

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  3. Well,apparently he thinks it's too much work,although I've tried explaining to him that this year is pretty much the end of the "hard work"....we've just got a couple of projects to finish up,and then it's just a matter of maintaining what we have.

    He threw a temper tantrum earlier today,and said he was thoughts on what happened today are that he just doesn't know how to properly handle a rear tine tiller....he lost control of it,lost his footing and he and the tiller ended up entangled in the fence(good thing it was turned off)I ended up having to cut part of the fence to free the tiller...luckily he wasn't hurt,other than his pride...

    This started last fall,and he's done nothing but complain about any project we work on,the rabbits,the rabbitry,the shed,the garden,etc,etc,etc....

    But like I said,I will not allow him or anything else to stand between me and my dreams,if he wants to come along,that's up to him,but I will not force the matter and I will not give up just because he has.

  4. Lee, I applaud you perseverance! When someone has an attitude about something I want them to do, I'd rather do it myself, if any way possible! Keep on pressing toward the goal you've made and you'll get there! Keep us informed here, as well. I love reading about your progress! God has put us here to help each other, and that is what you are doing! Blessings from Bama!