Friday, February 24, 2012

Foraging for wild edibles

As much as I was going to do a post about meat and where it comes from,I've been slightly distracted by a new topic.


Now,I've always harvested a few wild edibles here and there,as is common for my family.I've made grape jelly from wild Fox Grapes,harvested wild asparagus,wild strawberries,etc,etc....all things I am very familiar with.

I came across a book last week that got my attention so much that I had to order it.It's titled The Forager's Harvest by Samuel Thayer.If you're even slightly curious about what wild edibles might lurking around your home,I would highly suggest this book as a place to start.You can also find books with more information based on what part of the country you live in.

Flipping through it,I've already seen information for plants that I would normally pass right by.Plants such as Common Milkweed,Thistle,and Burdock...

With spring just around the corner,and up until late last night,it appeared almost spring like around here(we are in the midst of a winter storm as I write this),I get the urge to get outside more and explore.I've found some interesting things right here on our 1 1/2 acre plot of land,such as Elderberry,Gooseberry,Wild Grape and Wild Raspberry,and of course one must not forget the ever present Dandelion.

I've been wanting to learn more and more about the wild foods around me,how I can make better use of them,and possibly even save some money at the grocery store.

I've never been one to desire a spotless green lawn,or a totally weed free garden,I don't much care what the neighbors think if we don't use weed and feed to kill the wild foraging just goes along with that.It is possible that some of those naturally occurring weeds could be put to use as food rather than pulled up,chopped up,or worse,treated with chemicals....

Luckily for us,our immediate neighbors do not use chemicals on their lawns either,which is a rarity these days,but we've landed in a neighborhood where the neighbors aren't stuffy or snobby,which is a good thing.

So,tell me,do you forage for any wild edibles around where you live,and what are some of your favorites?


  1. We live in blackberry country and I took advantage of that last year, picking about 3 gallons of wild blackberries. I just recently made 12 half-pint jars of jelly from the extracted juice. It is delicious! We also have a wild grape (not close to my home) called muscadine. It makes delicious jelly! Scuppernongs are another wild grape, and my mom has some in her backyard. I hope there is enough to make jelly with this year. Blessings from Bama!

  2. Bama Girl,I was just reading about Muscadines.. :) They are also mentioned in the new book I got.

    Wild growing blackberries are harder to find around here,but we did plant some last year,so eventually we will get a harvest from them.More common up here are wild raspberries and Elderberries.Elderberries are used just the same as one would use blueberries.

    Happy foraging!