Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

OK,so I have abandoned my former blogging attempts and have created this shiny brand new page for all my friends to read and follow along with me as I turn what was once and empty lot into my garden/orchard and own personal local food supply.

With today's unstable economy,unstable pricing and what seems like one outbreak after another of food born illness,it only make sense to grow your own,at least as much as you can in the space you have available to you.

I grew up with a family garden,fruit tress and all,the only thing we didn't have was livestock.In my younger years I wanted nothing to do with gardening,canning,preserving,and all the work that goes along with getting food from garden to plate.

Now that I am older and wiser,I've been working on getting back to those days when I could just step outside my door and harvest food that night's meal.I'm getting there,slowly.

I hope as you follow along with me on this journey that you will be inspired to try and grow at least some portion of your own food.There's a certain comfort and enjoyment that comes from eating a meal that contains foods that your grew yourself,and it just makes the entire meal taste that much better.

So,come along on my personal journey as I learn,grow.explore and create.

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