Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things grow fast around here....

It seems like just a few weeks ago that we planted the garden,put the seed potatoes in the towers and now....the garden has gone crazy!I have renamed it,The Tomato Forest.Nearly all of the plants are 4 foot tall and still growing,and setting fruit.The above pictures were taken a week or two ago,the tomatoes are now well above the cages.

We went out yesterday and added a last layer of dirt to the potato towers,I've read that once they bloom,they will not make potatoes beyond however tall they were when they bloomed,not sure how true that is,but we'll see what happens.The towers are now four boards high,and full to the top with dirt.

We also added a thick layer of straw around the row of potatoes.This year is an experimental year,and I know some people have had really good luck growing potatoes in beds of straw,so why not,let's try it and see what grows.

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