Friday, January 27, 2012

More rabbits on the way

Yes,you read that right....we're getting two more rabbits to add to our collection here.These being Silver Fox rabbits.
You can read more about the breed here:

I like everything I've read about them,and so far have talked to three rabbit breeders who prefer these little guys over any other meat breed of rabbit.

We've still got the New Zealands,which we are planning on a few litters from soon,but let's just say their personalities and temperaments leave a bit to be desired...and after having them for a while,I will feel no regrets when it comes time to send them of to be butchered.

Since getting them,I've got several new scars added to the collection on my hands,so much so that I bought myself a pair of heavy work gloves....I don't normally wear gloves,not even for playing in the gardens,but my hands look just horrible after yesterday's freaked out doe....and I do need to be able to take care of my customers at work without getting a strange look,and tons of questions about what happened to my hands.

Now,don't get me wrong,they are not scratching me out of meanness,but because,well they just get freaked out easy,especially when you have a need to move them from one cage to another.None of them have bitten me yet,so until that happens,which I'm sure it will at some point,I would not consider them mean.

So we are going to try crossing them with the Silver Fox to see if we can get a good meaty type rabbit with a personality that's easier to deal with.

However,we are getting a buck and a doe,both pedigreed and unrelated to each so that we can also breed some good quality purebreds to help bring this amazing breed back from the brinks.

I'll post some photos once we get them home,but until then,follow the link above and read up on them.

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