Monday, October 17, 2011

I actually ran out of canning jars,twice.....

I've been canning all season,every type of tomato product we would normally buy,jams and jellies,apple pie filling,apple butter,and tonight applesauce...and I am down to 5 pint jars and 12 quart,but I don't really like to can in quarts since it's just the two of us eating the food.The smaller the jar,the less chance there is of there being some that goes to waste.

I am very happy to have pantry shelves full of wonderful foods that we get to enjoy this winter,when the last thing I want to even think about is going out in nasty weather just to shop.

I am also thinking more and more that we need to redo the household budget,and go on a "spending diet" for a while.

By having a full pantry,and not having to shop,I won't have any real excuse to go into any of the stores,for things other than milk,eggs,etc,things I don't have here since we have neither a milk cow or a goat,and we're not allowed to have chickens in town yet(working on that).

Aside from canning,we've also been freezing a lot of foods(veggies)and drying some too.We will be placing a meat order soon(assuming my hubby comes home from deer season empty handed as he usually that will give us plenty of everything we could possibly need.

So,it's your turn now,tell me,what's on your pantry shelves?Are they full? Empty? If you live in an area with extended winters like mine,do you have any plans to reduce your need to go out in bad weather?

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